50web.top is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share tweet email to friends.

Shorten links

Our site is a convenient, simple and free service for creating short links.
The mechanism of operation is simple: you copy a long link to a page that we save in our database and create a unique address for it, which, when entered, is automatically redirected to the site by your link.
Short links are used for posting on twitter and other social networks. You can send short links via sms, e-mail or simply dictate them by phone. Our link shortener is completely free. Your link will be stored in our database for as long as you need it.
The service of shortening long links assa.icu is a convenient and reliable tool for webmasters.
Conclusion: really short links are made only by our service. We do not need registration, the link lives indefinitely.
Quite often when communicating on the Internet, people send each other links. Sometimes these links are long. Very sometimes very long. But almost always too long. In order to get rid of this problem, this site was created. Yes, I know that there are thousands of them, but this one is better!

What is a short URL and how to get it?

Short URL - a shortened link to a web resource, the size of which is about 20 characters (including https://). The replacement of a long domain with a short one is carried out using our online service.

How it works?

The URL shortening scheme is simple: a long link is sent to the processing service, which stores it in its database and assigns it a key that serves as a new address (when clicked, the user is automatically sent to the regular (long) address).

For more information about short links, you can read in our blog.


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